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global d.Crypt-d.Node ecosystem


In today's connected and integrated world, economic activity takes place in business networks that span national, geographic, and jurisdictional boundaries. A new model for building massively scalable and profitable applications is emerging, the features of it providing a starting point for building decentralized applications. However the most valuable innovation is the very underlying distributed ledger technology, blockchain, that for the first time in history made decentralized consensus possible!



d.Cent Labs is a global Core-Edge ecosystem that educates, advises, and accelerates ventures through the development of foundational components, and new business models that utilize leading decentralized technologies.

d.Crypt is an enterprise sandbox to guide through architecting, designing and rapid prototyping evolutionary foundational components. Healthcare / Financial Services / Technology / Entertainment / Logistics / Government / Education *



d.Centered is a series of conversations, insights, gatherings and briefing on decentralized and blockchain technologies. Public and private dialogs covering industry, markets, technology, and entrepreneurship with leading market builders, thought leaders, technologists, rebels, and disruptors.



d.Centric is our invite only enterprise-centric gathering.  Stay tuned for the next series of dialogs and briefings

We are always looking for strategic partners and sponsors who wish to engage. If you are interested in an invitation, would like to sponsor, and/or get involved, reach out to us at

d.nodes of excellence

d.Nodes of Excellence is our ever growing 'nodes' across the world with deep exchange of insights, learning, education and technological adeptness. If interested in a d.Cent Labs node, reach out to us at


Our Team

d.Cent Labs founding team along with its stellar network of advisors and partners bring deep knowledge and decades of experience to create impact! The collective global expertise across multiple industries and markets encompasses technology, policy, business, entrepreneurship and innovation. Exponential thinkers, futurists and award winning frontier women and men aspire to create value and build an exciting and equitable future for all


Founding team

Founding team comprises of leading exponential technologists, analysts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs with deep knowledge in decentralized technologies. As we continue to stay in stealth mode, stay tuned for updates on Founding Partners soon!

Global advisory network

d.Cent Labs advisory board and partners include renowned global leaders, futurists, domain experts, serial entrepreneurs, executives, industry thought leaders, investors, and global impactors! 


COntact us

Only way to create a future for all is through collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey!



We would love to hear from you about your projects, initiatives, and opportunities for us to engage in creating a decentralized world. Be a Partner, Sponsor, Ambassador and/or part of our d.Cent Labs community!